YHD Wireless Barcode Scanner

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YHD-5100 Wireless Handheld Laser Barcode Scanner is a practical tool with wireless receiver and storage function, it is simple to use without any complexity. Features With mini wireless receiver and storage function, convenient for supermarket, entertainment venues, etc Dual standby, low power consumption, energy saving. Advanced design of human engineering, reading or not-reading is indicated by LED light and buzzer. Support 25 different international language settings. Have super memory storage of 100,000 barcodes. Super transmission distance, 400m effective distance ( 100m indoor distance). Clients can use quickly with its simple structure design without any complexity. Specifications Model YHD-5100 Material ABS Scanning Speed 260 scans / seconds Transmission Frequency 433MHz Wireless Range 400 m (outdoor) Product Weight 203g Product Size 9 x 7 x 16 cm Package Contents 1 x YHD-5100 Wireless Barcode Scanner