Euronet PWM INVERTER 1.3KV/12V 935VA

Color Memory Hardware
N/A N/A 70,000


Rs. 70,000



SAFEST/NOISELESS / LONGER BACKUPS Features: Solar Panel Compatibility • Sharing: GRID & SOLAR Mode. • Dual Charging Mode with Current • Power as against Grid >98% efficiency. • Grid Charging Enable/Disable Slide Switch • Smart and Normal Solar Charging Slide Switch selection. • Get Longer BACKUPS, as the UPS uses power from the Solar Panel also. • Integrated with in-built 35Amp PWM based Smart Solar Management Unit. • Long Battery Life as Sunlight directly converts into pure direct current (DC). • User friendly LCD Display, displays all important parameters including Grid Units Saved(KWH) and Solar Power available (Watt.)