Samsung Samsung Gear V700 Camera

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Black N/A 19,80024,900



Rs. 19,800



The Samsung SM-V700 Galaxy Gear Watch is a smart device that pairs with your Galaxy Note 3 to create a winning combination of technology and flexibility. It adorns your wrist and enables you to accomplish many things for which you might need another Smartphone. Its 1.63 Inch amoled screen features a resolution of 320 x 320 pixels, and can be used to read text messages from your phone. You can even answer calls without even having to touch your Galaxy Note 3. For this purpose, this smart watch has two integrated noise cancelling microphones and a speaker unit. Using its 1.9MP camera, you can even record instant images of things that catch your attention. The camera also features a BSI sensor, and Auto Focus with Sound and Shot functionalities. For processing all these functions at fast speeds, this jet black smart watch uses an 800MHz processor and 512MB or RAM.